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RUN AGAINST SILENCE AND FORGETTING the victims of sexual abuse

JÖRG, born in 1970, belongs to a group of male victims of psychological violence and sexual abuse. The pedophile, his former stepfather, abused him at the age of 7-9 years. In the early 1990s he had psychological help and confided in someone at the first time. From there he drew the strength and the courage to take legal action. However, this failed miserably because the statute of limitation had expired. His abuser went unpunished.

JÖRG has reached the end of his silence now. The year-long abuse is always present in his life today and will have influence in his life forever. The family father has enough self-confidence to consider the experience part of his history and personality and to accept that he can’t undo the abuse.

He is now realizing projects to support victims. This will create awareness for the fate of the victims. Furthermore, he wants to remind you that forgetting and displacement are no alternatives to the truth. He wants to encourage you to be aware and to help. In particular he wants to reach people affected by sexual abuse and encourage them to break their silence. The more people who break their silence and give the truth a face, the more society will recognize the victims.

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