Founded over 30 years ago, wir für pänz e.V. is a provider of care services for children, a recognised independent youth welfare organisation, and an advisory centre commissioned by the City of Cologne for children with (or at risk from) a disability or illness, dependency on childcare or from disadvantaged backgrounds. Services provided by wir für pänz to these kids and their families include advice for parents and care workers, mobile child and youth welfare services, children’s at-home nursing care, mobile integration services, teaching models for schools, early intervention (based on federal initiatives), welcome visits to new parents, mobile assisted living support, family support services, inclusive day nurseries, parent-child groups for disadvantaged communities, childcare finder services (Cologne-based) and back-up for childcare professionals.

With this complex network of coordinated and complementary support services, wir für pänz meets the demands of the City of Cologne, ensuring kids with (or at risk from) a disability or illness, dependency on childcare or from disadvantaged backgrounds can participate and have a future in society along with their families. wir für pänz pursues a combined approach that integrates prevention and support with a focus on long-term prospects. All services emphasise inclusion and integration.

At wir für pänz, the focus is on the child, their needs and potential solutions. Ultimately, the aim is to enable and empower kids and their families to play a greater role in mastering difficult personal circumstances. The types of advice and support offered are tailored to the individual needs and personalities of those affected. wir für pänz not only works to give kids greater confidence but also to help parents gain the skills and creativity needed to achieve a new quality of life for themselves and their children.

The approach taken here is based on the latest research from nursing science, developmental psychology and educational theory. People from many professions form part of the wir für pänz team, including special needs teachers, social workers, healthcare workers, paediatric nurses, educators, remedial therapists, family support workers, childcare workers, mentors and coaches.

Fostering innovation and ideas for kids and families has also been a key part of the wir für pänz philosophy for over 30 years. In and around Cologne, wir für pänz has initiated and completed a wide range of such projects over the years.