It has been some weeks since the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon and the excitement hasn’t worn off!
IN CHILDREN’S EYES endowment fund has been official charity partner.

My sincerely thanks to all private and business donators who supported with small and large or with single or collecting donations.
With this amazing financial support we are able to sponsor following projects:

The registered association FRAUENHAUS RHEIN-ERFTKREIS (women’s refuge), supports children and their mothers to gain safety, life perspective and trust. Emotionally, physically and psychologically relief is the main focus of the pedagogical work. (€ 2.000,00)

Gegen Missbrauch e.V., registered association. Support for victims, their partners and everyone against sexual abuse. Gegen Missbrauch e.V. works nationwide against sexual child abuse. They don’t only offer a platform for those affected or survivors of sexual assaults but also actively help and advice among others with

  • problems with health insurance
  • bureaucratic assistance
  • contacts to local support
  • chaperone service and assistance with Help Centres, GPs, Police, Civic Services
  • quick, easy and tailor-made support for affected persons (e.g. cover of treatment costs

In addition, the association has itsself the goal of providing information, doing prevenive work and giving people the opportunity to become actively involved againt sexual child abuse.

Almost all team members of the associaton are themselves survivors of sexual abuse or violence which enables them to offer help from a different perspective. A perspective that allows them to understand the worries and needs of the victims and the effort it takes to navigate the vast offer of help and legal advice. It is their personal experience relating to all aspects of abuse that the team members contribute to those approaching us for help with confidence. (€ 3.000,00)

I would like to take the chance to thank all of you for suggestions on projects in your private or business lives that our charity is now supporting. What a wonderful inspiration!

Let me introduce two of these projects:
“Löwenstein e.V.” was founded in 1999 by staff and friends of the Department of Paediatric Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychology at the LVR hospital in Bonn (
Head of Department Prof. Dr. Judith Sinzig explained the role of the association which is to assist and support the multidisciplinary team in both, outpatient and inpatient, as well as day-care for children and teenagers with mental disorders. The aim of the association ‘Löwenstein e.V.’ is also to support young people during their treatment at the clinic who have developed mental disorders in the context of sexual abuse. (€ 2.400,00)

The GERD-JANSEN school in Krefeld is another project that we support directly. With 200 pupils enrolled, aged between 6 and 18 years, this school focusses on physical development and motor skills.

The Friends’ association of the GERD-JANSEN school is aiming to buy a hand cycle for those pupils
who are limited in the use of normal bikes.
Hand cycles are powered by arms rather than legs and will encourage activities with others during
lessons, break times, hobbies and excursions. (€ 1.000,00)
( )

PS: I crossed the finish line on 01st November after 04:08:37, being not exhausted at all.