I ran the half-marathon in Cologne on 02nd October 2016, but unfortunately had no capacity at this time to start a call for donation. Therefore please be informed about donations and the projects we support in 2016 as the endowment fund was able to book a further € 6,000.00 in donations, which are passed on € 3,000.00 each to the following projects:

ZARTBITTER KÖLN (www.zartbitter.de)
Sexual offence is now happening more often on digital media – in this context, the number of adult offenders is certainly increasing (keyword: cyber-grooming), but there are also frequent attacks by other girls and boys. Through intensive and often very personal chat traffic, children and adolescents get induced to think that these are no strangers they are in contact with. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Zartbitter has been working with girls and boys who have been victims of pornographic exploitation. By offering parents’ evenings and assistance from trained therapists, Zartbitter Cologne wants to strengthen the right of children at their own image. This seems to be very important as many girls and boys experience sexual transgressions on the internet. ZARTBITTER KÖLN tries to find answers to a wide range of current questions on the protection of children and to offer appropriate support. The “All Children Have Rights” project, launched in 2015, is committed to ensure the wellbeing of refugee children in mass shelters. Numerous counselling inquiries regarding sexual, psychological and physical violence against fugitive girls and boys are reaching the project team. In their daily counselling work, however, ZARTBITTER is still confronted with cases of massive violations of personality rights of children and young people who were born in Germany.

JUKS (www.juks.eu)
JUKS is an initiative for protection of children and youth and works together with tpw (www.twp-osnabrueck.de), we supported already in the past. With JUKS twp set up an initiative to support even more ideas, projects and people with the creative concepts of theatre, music and literature.

We support drama-based prevention programs (plays and workshops for people from year 7, nationwide performances) on the topic “Sexual violence amongst young people” with the emphasis on “Getting to know your own borders and learn to respect the borders of others”.

The background: It’s all about porn, is it?
When, how long and how often? Even before the first heart-throb, adolescents are confronted with statistical data, relevant details and legends about sex. Rumours about the perfect amorous play and the expectations of the opposite sex circulate and lead to a performance pressure that not every one can stand. Longing for love and tenderness is something normal and beautiful. In a sexually heated and tense atmosphere, it will lead teenagers to physical border violations though. Verbal coercion, obscene text messages, and rape are acts of violence that young people do to other young people. Especially boys and girls with little self-confidence are endangered to become victims or even perpetrators.

Thanks to all donors who support my activities for the first time and all those who have done so for many years.