A good friend who had been looking out for my regular call for donations sent an e-mail as he always takes it as reminder to give to IN CHILDREN’S EYES endowment funds.
And I just did it: I spontaneously registered for the Cologne marathon two days before the actual run. I felt like the right moment to be active again and ask for donations once more.

As I hadn’t trained for it I played it safe, finished in 04:31:21 (four hours, thirty-one minutes and twenty-one seconds) and healthily crossed the finish line.
What a unique and special experience!

I am very proud to annouce the support of two projects each with € 3.000,00 from recent donations as well as the donations to this appeal:


wir für pänz e.V. ( https://wir-fuer-paenz.de)

For almost 30 years, the “wir für pänz*” charity has been helping families with children who are disadvantaged by chronic illness, disability, developmental disorders and/or poverty:
“Through our work, we encourage and enable these children and their families to manage their challenging life circumstances independently. Preventive action is our motto and it is reflected in all of our activities. We pursue the goal of achieving an optimal level of support for children and families by providing early, preventive support activities that work together to promote health.
We adjust the nature and scope of our help and counselling to our clients’ individual needs and personalities. All activities are oriented on social inclusion.”

As a nursing services provider for children and a recognised independent youth welfare provider, “wir für pänz” offers families a broad spectrum of services:
counselling centre (children, health, illness, disability), children’s nursing in the home, outpatient paediatric palliative care – sternenpänz, school and nursery support, outpatient child and youth welfare, ‘helping hand’ services for families, day childcare facilities and playgroups focused on social inclusion, NRW Family Centre, Kontaktstelle Kindertagespflege Köln (day childcare in Cologne), family-and-child groups for disadvantaged families, ‘welcome baby’ visits, family midwife/family paediatric nurse for early intervention.

(*pänz is the Cologne dialect word for “children”.)


ZARTBITTER KÖLN (www.zartbitter.de)

Project for prevention of sexual harassment by children in pre-school and foundation stage.

International is consistent: One third of all cases of sexual violence against girls and boys are comitted by children and adolescents.

For Zartbitter, these cases make out 50% overall counselling requests by now.
In 2016, more than 135 of these cases related to sexual violence by children of the same age in pre-school and primary school, more than 100 cases of sexual violence by adolescents aged 12 and over.
Zartbitter therefore developed a strong prevention concept against sexually related bullying behaviour of pre-school children.

Module 1 “Sina and Jan”
Picture book on doctor games and caresses for boys and girls from the age of 3years.
The children decide themselves who they want to be examined by.
Everyone is careful and only is allowed what the other agrees to.

Module 2 “Sina and Jan play doctors”
Prevention play on doctor games and tenderness for boys and girls from the age of 3years.
Based on the picture book.
Turning the school’s changing room into a stage.

Thanks to the support of “Wir helfen – Aktion des Koelner Stadtanzeigers fuer Kinder”, Zartbitter had the chance to publish the material of the prevention project online in no less than 12 languages.