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Let’s take responsibility for the boys and girls that need our support so urgently!

Some facts about the extent and dimension of sexual violence against girls and boys
(source: Independent Federal Government commissary for sexual harassment of minors
https://beauftragter-missbrauch.de )

For 2016, the PKS (criminal police statistics) records 12,000 cases of sexual harassment in children. Victims are 75% girls and 25% boys.
In addition, there are cases of sexual harassment of wards and teenagers as well as 7,000 cases of pedophile pornography. These figures represent the so-called light field.

The dark field of unreported cases is much bigger: Recent research estimates that every 7th to 8th person in Germany suffered sexual violence in their youth or childhood.
WHO (World Health Organization) expects approximately 18 million minors to be affected by sexual violence across Europe. This makes about 1 million boys and girls in Germany and it means that 1 to 2 pupils per class are currently affected by sexual violence through adults.

My call for donations running in Bonn and Bruxelles this year made it possible to support the following projects, especially the production “Respect for you!”:

Twenty years ago, the Zartbitter theatre play “Von der Rolle” about sexual assaults by peers premiered; so did a few years later “click it! ²”, the Zartbitter youth theatre play against cyberbullying and sexual assaults by teenagers on the internet.
“Click it! ²” was awarded the klicksafe prize in 2011. The jury praised the age-appropriate staging of the play for school year groups 5 to 8. The jury especially praised the very good didactics of the narrated story: “Click it!² describes conflicts and points out solutions.”
Both plays toured nationwide and were performed in front of more than 700,000 young people in e.g. schools, community centres and theatres.

The new Zartbitter theatre production “Respect for you!” picks up the issue again.
Like previous productions, the play was developed in cooperation with school groups. “Respect for you!” is an exciting and yet humorously staged youth theatre play, which age-appropriately broaches the issue of sexualised peer violence (on the internet). It promotes the respect of compassionate interactional behaviour and shows ways in which teenagers can support same age victims and organise help.

Beside this we could financially support the production of prevention material as:
– protection against cyber moping and sexual violence online
– posters, children’s books, comic books
– material against media related abuse
– leaflets and books for parents and teachers