HOSPICE RUN – 09th July 2016 in Trier

A classmate from school followed my invitation to my first charity gala in March 2015 in Cologne and invited me in return to run a 10K the following November in the Bergisches Land. What an amazing outdoor experience to share!

It was there and then, that I decided that it doesn’t always take a Marathon to raise donations and thus followed one of his other suggestions:
Under the theme of ‘Do something different today’ I ran the shorter distance of 25k along the Moselle on 9th July 2016 (www.hospizlauf.de) and asked for donations for the Hospice in Trier (www.hospiz-trier.de).

In order to be able to run this unique facility, they need at least € 60,000 of donations every year which will then be used for:
–    the provision of personal care in the hospice,
–    the improvement and expansion of outpatient and inpatient care,
–    the necessary maintenance work around the Hospice.

The Hospice Run donations contribute to terminal care. On that day, we were able to make a donation of € 2,240 and I am very pleased that we were able to financially support the Hospice in Trier!

Thanks to all donors who support my activities for the first time and all those who have done so for many years. And many thanks to my running mate too!!