When I ran across the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, I paused for a moment and thought about the people who had locked their “love locks” on the railings. What do they want to express: Trust, affection, loyalty, attachment, respect, reliability, honesty?

A little further up was a group of children. How are those children? I do hope that values such as the above are passed on to them in these times of social and cultural change. And, yes, children are our future!

My fundraising activity on the 9th of September 2017 was all about change and new physical challenge. The British cult brand knew how to celebrate the end of season of it‘s 10th jubilee: The slogan GO FUN guided through the premiere of the FISHERMAN’S STRONGMANRUN.

Over the past few years I did a lot of running and called for donations for my IN CHILDREN’S EYES endowment fund to support projects against sexual abuse, sexual violence and for prevention education. This has helped numerous children and young people.

With this fundraising campaign, again, I would like to support children and young people, but this time focus on other topics: I would also like to support and encourage people around me and will pass donations of € 3.000,00 on to AKTION LUFTSPRUNG .

It is their objective as “aktion luftsprung” to contribute to equal opportunities for young people with severe chronic illnesses. We are living in circumstances where people belonging to a minority are facing discrimination or segregation. In these awkward times it feels particularly good to engage oneself for such people. And they are not alone as many others share our values – amongst others you!


Many thanks for your repeated support! We will pass on € 3.000,00 to Coach e.V.:
Coach e.V. – Kölner Initiative für Bildung und Integration junger Migranten

Coach e.V. counsels, accompanies and coaches young migrants as well as migrant families with the aim of a successful integration into German society.
Our work is preventative. We focus on counseling, the involvement of parents, educative and theme orientated teamwork, homework support, language improvement, career choice orien-tation, job application training and leisure time facilities.